Recovery Coaching (Youth/Family)

What is a Recovery Coach?

A recovery coach is someone who leads by example (lived experience) rather than formal education. Coaches rely on self-disclosure and advice, focus on removing obstacles, and help build recovery capital in each individual. The Courage Center believes that there are multiple pathways to recovery and meets individuals at any stage in the recovery process.

What is Recovery Capital?

  • Social - a sum of resources based on relationships

  • Physical - stable employment, housing, access to healthy dieting, and exercise.

  • Human - skills, positive health, aspirations, hopes, educational skills, and personal resources that will help an individual prosper.

  • Cultural - values, beliefs, and attitudes


  • Lived experience

  • Desire to give back

  • Minimal database training for case managment

Skill Building:

  • Case management

  • Supervision of coaches

  • Continuing education opportunities