Certified ARISE Interventionist (In Training)

(coming soon – Summer 2019)

An intervention is an opportunity for your adolescent to get the help they need. A Certified ARISE® Interventionist will establish a connection with your Person of Concern and your family, opening the door for whole family healing.

Your adolescent is invited to join the process right from the beginning with no surprises, no secrets, no coercion, with absolute respect and love.

ARISE® places the utmost importance on removing blame, shame and guilt as we introduce your family to a new life of recovery and healing. The adolescent does not need to hit bottom, get into trouble with the law, or be in danger, before getting help.

ARISE® gets over 83% of individuals into treatment within 3 weeks, 96% into treatment within 6 months and 61% in recovery by the end of the year with an additional 10% improved.  It IS possible to overcome addiction and behavioral compulsions in adolescence and young adulthood.


WEBSITE: https://www.arise-network.com/